Sunday Covers: Yann Martel

I haven’t posted one of these in ages and now instead of it being ‘cool cover’s it’s Sunday Covers because it’s Sunday and the covers might be chosen not because they are necessarily cool, but for any number of reasons.

Today I’m going with Yann Martel covers. So far I’ve only read Life of Pi and I have a copy of Beatrice and Virgil, but even though I haven’t read that one I still love the cover. Another thing is it’s not just one cover that is well done, but each one I have seen whereas with a lot of books that have one piece of lovely cover art that doesn’t necessarily mean that all editions and new covers will be just as well done.

One thought on “Sunday Covers: Yann Martel

  1. I really love the tiger cover 🙂

    Just as an aside, incase anyone is interested, they are discussing Yann Martel’s “Beatrice and Virgil” on First Tuesday Book Club at 10pm tonight on ABC. The other is Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”.


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