In My Mailbox: From Someone Else’s

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, busy with life and technical problems (caused by a thunder storm that fried the modem!) so I thought my first post in awhile shouldn’t be a review (even though I have been reading, but all I’ve read in the last few weeks is The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine and I don’t think I can do a review when I’ve read several. It would be more like an overview. I may post something like that next week), but something with pictures…

So seeing as I haven’t had anything in my mail box for awhile and even though I still haven’t had any in my mailbox recently I have received some books from Sarah who got them in her mailbox so I’m going to count that. Plus they’re just books I’ve wanted for so long…

I’ve taken pictures of each book (I’ve received four books) and there is one that is a bit more… Well it’s a book by Carlton Mellick III who is a Bizarro Fiction writer so I can say nude, but it’s a nude that’s in a position a lot of people may find offensive. I’ve posted that one last so everyone can see the ones before it without seeing that one if you do not wish to.

Note: I may be a little rambling because I’m quite tired and haven’t blogged in so long. I seem to get like that when I don’t blog on a regular basis.

On The Road which I’m reading so I won’t post a synopsis just yet (actually I think I won’t post a synopsis of any of them until I review them) as I’ll be reviewing it when I’m finished. This is also the first book I’m reading for the book club I organised in my area (if anyone is interested here’s a link to our Facebook page and if you want to know more you can reach me through that page or leave a comment here).

I actually have only recently considered reading On The Road, but only out of curiosity and finally decided to read it after one of my good mates and Sarah said to read it. I then decided it might be a good book to start with for the book club because it’s not something I would normally read and it’s on a broader scale (instead of say being horror or vampires or homicidal maniacs like I would have liked to read…) which may be better when there’s several members with different tastes.

Kallocain is dystopia that gets compared a little to Brave New World (one of my favourite books) by Aldous Huxley, because unlike 1984 by George Orwell, it’s a dystopia setting that involves subordination via drugs. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a copy of Kallocain by Karin Boye and Kazohinia by Sandor Szathmari, but unfortunately Kazohinia seems to be unavailable everywhere. Luckily Kallocain, even though it’s not mainstream or that well known, is still more available then Kazohinia.

Karin Boye is Swedish and Kallocain was published in 1940. It’s considered to be a classic amongst the dystopian genre which is one reason why I’m really excited to finally have a copy.

The God That Failed is a collection of essays on Communism which is something I don’t necessarily agree with, but is used in a lot of dystopic and Russian Literature and I love both of those.

Published in 1949 I believe, the essays are written by both writers and journalists who are or were ex-communists and it delves into their disillusionment with communism and why they abandoned it.

The writers and journalists include Richard Wright, Stephen Spender, Arthur Koestler, Louis Fischer, Ignazio Silone, and Andrew Gide.

It’s probably going to take me longer to read it being essays, but then again it may not. I have been wanting to read this one in awhile so we’ll see.

Satan Burger by Carlton Mellick III, The first Bizarro Fiction novel I’ll read if I don’t count The Story of The Eye by Georges Bataille and I think that’s classic Bizarro (if he wasn’t writing that to exorcise some demons and to try and blatantly shock the pants off some people then I don’t know what he was on about). I was drawn to this novel by the name first, then the synopsis which cracked me right up and it still amuses me when I read it over. I’m going to share it for anyone who appreciates a sick sense of humour (like mine can be), but it’s not for everyone so if you choose to read it be open minded.

Satan Burger Synopsis

God hates you. All of you. He closed the gates of Heaven and wants you to rot on Earth forever. Not only that, he is repossessing your souls and feeding them to a large vagina-shaped machine called the Walm–an interdimensional doorway that brings His New Children into the world. He loves these new children, but He doesn’t love you. They are more interesting than you. They are beautiful, psychotic, magical, sex-crazed, and deadly. They are turning your cities into apocalyptic chaos, and there’s nothing you can do about it …

Featuring: a narrator who sees his body from a third-person perspective, a man whose flesh is dead but his body parts are alive and running amok, an overweight messiah, the personal life of the Grim Reaper, lots of classy sex and violence, and a motley group of squatter punks that team up with the devil to find their place in a world that doesn’t want them anymore.

It’s books like that, that make me feel more normal with my disturbed imagination. I plan on reading most of these fairly soon if I keep up my reading consistency which going by today isn’t going too well. I don’t know what is wrong with me this year. I’ve only read into the 20’s and usually by this point in the year I’m at 50 minimum. Maybe there’s just too much to do and too much escapism to take part in.

2 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: From Someone Else’s

    • Haha timing! That’s good to hear. I keep trying to read it when I’m in full space cadet mode (such a bad idea) so I don’t know if it is a good read or not.

      The new modem is working beautifully…. Lucky.


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