Book News: Lifeline Book Fair

Lifeline holds a book fair every now and then and they have one coming up in July at Sutherland Entertainment Centre again.

I really recommend going to their book fairs. I ran into people there who were actually following them around N.S.W because there’s always so many books and so many decent titles at a bargain price it’s actually worth the time and effort of going through them.

I thought I’d share some of the books I bought at the one I went to so you can get an idea. They aren’t all listed because I have given some away, but it still gives you an indicator. I ended up buying 100 books in all for just over $200. The fair was over a whole weekend and the first time I went early on the Saturday morning before they opened, but I even went back the next day at midday and they still had quite a selection (with all books at half price so you could pick up something for 50c). If you can’t make it before they open or you’re not that eager, but still want to pick up decent titles you can go at a later time. I still recommend it even if you can’t get there early because it really is worth it. It’s like a bookworm’s drool-fest really.

Here’s my list on Listal

The Book Fair details are as follows;

9:30am – 5pm
10th and 11th of July 2010
Sutherland Entertainment Centre
30 Eton Street, Sutherland

And if you’d like further details about what to expect, entry conditions (it’s just a gold donation), categories they’ll have, and anything else check it out on their website here

8 thoughts on “Book News: Lifeline Book Fair

    • Haha yeah the answer is always yes. When is enough enough? Does it even exist with books?

      Do you want to come with Sarah and I? I don’t know what day we’ll be going. I probably won’t be able to do a morning thing, but then again maybe I can. Just not first thing in the morning before it opens.


      • I don’t want to impose on your sexy time – 3 is always a crowd LOL Its okay. I can see if Maria feels like going I guess 🙂 Maybe meet you for a cuppa or something?

        No, there is no such thing as too many books LOL God, when I move in with the girls we are going to have thousands of books in our house! o_O I have hundreds (I dont know how many, but heaps!) and so does Sofia and DanDan… I am not sure about SareBear, but damn…. our house may collapse under the weight of the words!!! ;D


        • lol sexy time. Don’t worry, we get plenty of time for sexy times… You wouldn’t be imposing. I was just going with Sarah so she could get books and I was most probably going to go off in my own little direction (and little world) while she went and did her book thing. If you’re really bothered by the 3 is company thing though you can always see if Maria wants to go and maybe we can all go. You’d be able to meet Sarah. I’d like Sarah to meet my buddies.

          That is going to be so awesome! I’d never want to leave the house lol.


  1. Doesn’t have to be the Saturday. I just try and put the big tasks on a Saturday so I can sleep it off before I go back to work LOL If you dont want to go, it’s fine… I understand having too many books LOL


    • It’s not that, I’m already going. Couldn’t help myself… I’m going to try and behave myself and not buy 100 books this time though.
      I thought so with the Saturdays. Saturday is the best day because there’s more selection, but there’s still heaps on the Sunday and it’s half price then too.


    • I’ve been trying to not even contemplate going, but it’s fast becoming a losing battle! lol

      You’d want to go on the Saturday wouldn’t you? Let me see something and then I’ll get back to you.


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