Old School Thursdays, Fun Fridays, and A New Page

I haven’t posted an Old School Thursdays or Fun Fridays post in awhile. I just wanted to do a quick post to let whoever may actually be following those that they will be back.

The reason I haven’t posted any for awhile is being busy, the internet problems I was having, and then the reviews from 2008 were getting close to their end and I had several other posts that weren’t reviews from 2008 as well.

In the past I haven’t only posted reviews on blogs, but have also posted them on reviewing sites and social networks for bookworms (like Shelfari and Goodreads for instance). I’ve been wanting to go through those as well and have them on here in case I ever close my accounts on those sites (which very well may happen seeing as I never go on them anymore). So while I’m working through those and seeing how many are good enough to post I’ll still be blogging, just not Old School Thursdays.

Fun Fridays on the other hand will probably be back in a couple of weeks (or even next week) once I have a bit more time to think of something to post or inspiration to look for something.

I will also be starting a new one based on covers and cover art this Sunday. I’ve created a new page, About BA, as well which outlines what all the categories are including the new cover one (Cool Covers). Speaking of Sundays, I’m planning on adding a new poll every Sunday. There’s one at the moment which ends next Wednesday which I’m going to let run it’s course and then the following Sunday will create a new one. At the moment though it’s really a trial to see how it goes and for me to decide if I like having it where it is because this theme does make everything narrower and people might miss the blog (as soon as there’s a three column theme again that I like and is easy on the eyes I’m changing to it).

One last update with the blog – I’ve been working hard on cleaning it up, if you’ve been following my posts you might notice there are fewer categories. I’ve also been working on cutting down tags, fixing up my pages (some are missing and one is a work in progress), added a new widget on the side listing the next book in line to read (we’ll see how long that lasts because I usually read by feeling and spontaneity), and…. oh I have made a banner. Finally. At the moment this is the only theme I like (apart from one I’m using on another blog and another one a friend is using) and the header just wasn’t bookish at all so I thought it was about time to make one. What do you think of it?

Edit: I’ve changed the theme over to one of the newer ones because I’m really not a fan of narrowed columns. Just disregard that last comment about the header.

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