The Reading Battle: Won or Lost?

You know when you start reading a book that turns out to be so engrossing that you end up reading it well into the night? The type of book where you’d read it all night long if you could and it gets to the point where you know if you don’t put that book down and stop reading right then you will be up all night finishing that book and not getting a wink of sleep?

It can turn into a constant battle between reading at your expense or giving in and having to wait. How often do you have that battle and win and which option do you feel makes you the victor (I’ve created a poll for this as well on the side, but I’d also like your thoughts and experiences in detail)?

I’ve been having one of those weeks where I’m in a constant battle to get to sleep at a decent time, but the book I’m reading is so consuming that I’m having trouble getting to sleep at a decent hour. I’ve also made it harder on myself lately because my new rule is to be in bed ready for sleep before midnight. I have even started turning off the television at an early hour, not playing video games after a certain hour, and turning off the lap top (well most of the time) in a bid to get more sleep.

But no, I have to pick up a book don’t I? And it’s a really good book. A really, really good book. I have such a love/dislike towards books like that because they’re great when they make you want to read them so hungrily, but they drive me nuts that they keep you awake!

Last night I won the battle to get to bed before midnight with just ten minutes to spare, but with only forty pages left to read I feel like I also lost.

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