Reading Dilemma

I have a dilemma and don’t really know what to do. I finished The Desert Spear this morning (review being posted tomorrow) and was going to read the Ravenor Omnibus by Dan Abnett because I feel like some 40K.

I discovered there is a book club in my area which I really want to go to and they’re going to try and organise a meeting in two weeks (it’s not concrete yet, I just got the details and have to sort crap out, but it’s basically in two weeks).

The thing is Ravenor is just shy of 900 pages which would have been fine if I had of been on my usual reading binge, but lately it’s taken me two weeks just to read 600 pages and even though I’m feeling a very strong urge to read like a nut I don’t know if I’ll finish it in time.

Then again they meet once a month so that gives me a whole month to read whatever is chosen and if I put my mind to it I know I can read a 500 page book in less than two days.

What would you do? Would you wait to see what they chose and read something light until you found out? Or would you say stuff it and read the book you really wanted to read?

6 thoughts on “Reading Dilemma

  1. It depends. Are they likely to set something heavy to read? I normally start reading as soon as I get my hands on the book for bookclub. If I have to stop reading a beloved to do so, I make the decision based on finding a good place to stop on the current book, other wise I chance it. At the very least read about half the bookclub novel or you won’t be able to keep up with the conversation.

    It really is up to you. If you dont like stopping mid book and dont think you will have time to give the bookclub novel its due, then I would put the 40k book aside for a few weeks. Its hard, and you chomp at the bit, but it works for bookclub. However, if you are able to stop mid book, or it has part 1, part 2 etc, then I would start reading Ravenor.

    Did that make sense?


    • Makes perfect sense 😉

      Hey when you were still going to book club once a month, how long did you give yourself to read the book? One week before or did you just read it straight away? I’m a bit worried about my brain fog interfering and not being able to remember or keep up. There will be seven of us when my sister and I join, that’s a lot of people for my brain.


      • Oh good, I was a bit scattered yesterday LOL

        Um, still going to book club once a month.. Until next week, when it is officially twice a month LOL Um, I normally tried to read the whole series and gave myself 2 weeks. But I never finished whole series unless I had already read them, however it gave me enough of a foundation to know what everyone else was talking about. The problem with my book club is we already have discovered most of these books ourselves, and for some reason, I had missed the big ones like JR Ward. So I had to do homework so I could keep up. We never keep on topic, which is why I take precautions of reading as much of the series as possible. Normally, for one book, I would budget a week incase I cant get into it, or im too tired to read. normally give it at least two days… Because of memory/brainfog, i keep a list of main characters to kickstart the brain processes. Every one was really impressed with me about that LOL

        Good luck! Is it a general bookclub, or genre specific?


        • I thought you’d know by now that I understand scattered most of the time lol

          Wow, you’d read the whole series? Stuff that. I wouldn’t join a book club like that, but I guess it’s going to be harder to avoid if it’s for PR. This one is a more general one, but they take turns picking books (and sometimes themes as well) and then voting on it. No series ones yet. I think the current book might be Lady Chatterley’s Lover, but I’m not sure. I’m waiting for her to get back to me.

          I was considering taking notes (I work better with words on paper), but wasn’t too sure about looking like a complete and utter dork which is weird because I usually don’t care what others think. Guess I’m as nervous as (it’s a big deal when you think about it), but if you do something like that it makes me feel better.


      • Yeah, but when you think of it, most PR is about 200-300 pages long. When you read as much as I do, its no biggie. I only do it if I havent read that author before, like when we had JR Ward etc. Its just because we are there for the genre, not the book, so its pretty much a free for all. You start talking about a certain protagonist, and get caught up in one facet (maybe he is a vamp, or has a connection with a certain god etc) and then start discussing others in other series that are similar. Its just me trying to be the best at everything. I hate not knowing things. So I go in hard and read as much as I can. Other times I just start reading one of the books and hope I can bullshit enough about it. Its easier if it is one book. I find it more like my tutes at uni. You read one book and discussed it. I think yours will be more like that. I am probably freaking you out by reading whole series LOL But book club is the biggest thing on my social calendar, i am dedicated to it and the bookstore and my friend I made there, and dammit, its a guilty pleasure, but i just like reading trashy paperbacks. brilliant for brainfog because i dont need to concentrate too hard LOL

        Seriously, take notes! You dont have to whip them out, but they can be your security blanket! Even if it is a basic timeline, or bits you wanted to discuss/found interesting. you can glance over it before you go in, and shove it in your bag if you are uncomfortable about them. I did it because my memory is so shit, and i couldnt remember which books in a series went with what characters. I wrote little synopsises for each book, as well as points of interest.

        ((hugs)) its hard that first time, I was freaking out. Im really not good with new people (except you, it was really weird how it was like I had known you for years LOL). I hope you enjoy yourself, and you love the books. Do you know what you would get them to read?


        • It’s not happening now. Food issues apparently so I’m going to create my own. I just can’t figure out where to have it besides a book store. I don’t want it at a book store. Too much chance of ending up having to buy a new book at full price.


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