Sydney Reader’s Festival

Sydney has had a lot of events, festivals, and conventions over the years.

  • Music festivals
  • Film festivals
  • Sexpo
  • Boating shows
  • Alternative therapy and healing
  • Chinese festivals
  • Art events
  • Jazz and Blues events
  • Spring festivals
  • Writer’s Conventions
  • Anime conventions
  • Goth related events
  • And even festivals for the BDSM community.

Festivals every where!

What about all the readers out there? Sure there are book fairs (I love book fairs), but they aren’t the same as a convention or festival are they?

Well from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of May Sydney will be having it’s first Reader’s Festival. I think this is so awesome.  I love festivals and I’m a writer, but I’m also a reader (hence this blog) and to have a festival just for the people who read is such an entertaining idea!

If you’re a reader you probably want me to get on with it and find out the details so here is Even Books on Tumblr with all the details and if you’re looking for even more information each event heading links up to their Facebook events pages.

If you end up going let us know what you thought of it and share your experience with us! I won’t be able to go so will be living vicariously through everyone else.

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