Fun Fridays: That’s A Bookcase?

At some point bookcases became art pieces for a percentage of people. Don’t get me wrong, some of the unique bookcases out there are pretty cool and there’s some I love the design of, but you can’t tell me that those book cases are designed to hold books. As cool as some of those shelves are I wonder about the people who actually buy them and if they actually read or like the idea of looking like they do?

One of the biggest issues that a serious bookworm and collector faces is space and there’s a lot of unique bookcases that don’t cater to space, but are all for looks, so I thought I’d share some pictures of bookcases out there that are just weird and not practical. All images link up to their sources as well.

2 thoughts on “Fun Fridays: That’s A Bookcase?

  1. I dare not show my mums this. She’s been rapping on about “building” a bookcase which translates into “me” building the thing. So i’m all like just buy one! Ya could dig them if you had the room but our book to space ration ain’t to good, best to keep it upright and simple.


    • You could always tell her to go find some cement blocks or bricks and a few boards – voila a bookcase! It’s what I would have done if I was able to get those things and couldn’t get a book case. It doesn’t look crap either I don’t think, not if it’s done properly.


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