Page Changes and Question Format

I just wanted to post an update before I turn the computer off for the night.

I’m not doing all the challenges I set out for myself anymore (the classic fiction, deep thinkers, and bisexual fiction/non fiction). I had several misses with those books and so many other books have come across my path that I’ve decided to just stick to trying to read all the books I own and the Aussie Author Challenge.

So I’ve merged the Aussie Author Challenge books and what other challenges I’m doing into the Reading Journal page and deleted the Planned Reading page.

I’ve also signed up with I’ve been wanting a format for a Q & A sort of thing for awhile and I have decided to try out for that so if you have any questions, even if they aren’t related to writing or reading, feel free to ask me. I will try to answer what I can as long as it’s not inappropriate.

Ask Dutchie – is the link, but that link is also on the side bar under the subscriptions and RSS for future reference.

That’s pretty much it, I think. Oh except that I’m focusing more on writing now which means that even though I’m still reading and reviewing I might not post as frequently and perhaps post a few more writing related posts (I currently have one in the works which I’ll post in a few weeks).

4 thoughts on “Page Changes and Question Format

  1. One thing i’ve found re: reading tons of books, it made me extremely out of shape, from lyeing down for 12 hours a day reading, and was shocked when i went to do something menial like making my bed absolutly stuffed me. So i don’t blame you for slowin down a bit, when ya in the zone ya think u can read the world but, ya know the whole balance thing kicks in. I havn’t been able to read barely at all for a couple weeks, and i was reading a new book every 2 days before that. I feel i’m growing dumber if i’m not learning something! dam procrastination.


    • Hey manana-banana…. Sorry that just always pops into my head when I read your username :p

      Yeah sometimes you have to go through phases with reading. I’m really only reading less now because I had some games to play, stuff going on in my life, and I’m having writing fits and can’t read when I’m writing a lot. Which reminds me – I have almost finished my first chapter which I’m going to send to you even though it’s still a draft, but I need to get some opinions on it I think before I go too far. I’m worried it might be too wordy and drawn out now whereas before I felt it wasn’t drawn out enough.


      • Hm, maybe thats why there’s a big gay bar chain called Manana lol. Very well then i shall invent a nickname!

        Yeah i’m the same hey i write when i’m not reading. Re: the chapter you sent, no i think it was set up just right, a good balance between descriptive and story-telling. I found myself skim reading a little but only because i wanted to find out more about the main charecter, but i think thats pretty normal. You drew alot of mystery to him, which was the best bit (forgot to tell you about your good parts in my email lol), i was on edge waiting to see what his deal was. I think all Authors need an editer at the end, so don’t feel to pedantic about it especially on your first try.


        • I like manana-banana, but it’s easy enough to change. I might still call you manana banana though.

          Awesome! That’s what I wanted, to have the reader wondering what was going on with this guy. Sorry, but you’re going to be waiting awhile lol. Bitch aren’t I?


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