Bookish Nerdy Moment

This might sound a little nerdy book wise or maybe it’s just me, but I’m a little excited. I check out Angry Robot books quite a bit. I’ve mentioned them in a few posts previously and have a link to them on the websites page. They have a great website and I have gotten a fair few reading ideas from them as well. They’re a speculative fiction publishing imprint from HarperCollins and the kind I’d love to be apart of whenever I finish writing my novels.

Which is why I’m a little excited because my blog has been linked to from their website! It’s¬† because I reviewed Slights by Kaaron Warren, but it’s still exciting for me. I was checking out the stats page and had noticed several referrals from their website, but couldn’t figure out why or find the source until last night when there was two referrals from the one link. Turns out it was their website.

I just felt like sharing that because it’s a big deal to me and it’s made my day.

On another subject – this blog has reached over 300 page views (which is funny because I’m a more active poster on this blog and yet I’ve reached almost 1,000 on my other blog – Meanderings – even though I’m not active on there) which I felt like sharing because sharing is caring.

In other news my internet is acting up again. Fun times…

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