Old School Thursdays: Sunshine

Read and blogged about in 2008. I really enjoyed this book especially for the cold vampires and the lack of focus on those vampires (it might make sense if you read it).

Rae, nicknamed Sunshine by her stepfather, is the baker at her family’s coffeehouse. She’s happy getting up at 4 am to make cinnamon rolls for the breakfast rush, and dealing with people and food all day. But one evening she needed somewhere she could be alone for a little while, and there hadn’t been any trouble out at the lake for years.
She never thought of vampires.
Until they found her.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley is a paranormal/vampire fiction. I have a thing about vampires so it was a pretty safe bet I’d put some effort into reading this one and so I did, finishing it in a couple of days.

I enjoyed it for the most part. I want to like it more than I did though but I don’t think that’s something that’s going to happen no matter how much I want it.
As far as vampires go, I loved them in this one. Sure they were simplistic, but what made them more appealing to me, especially the main one, was the reactions from the human population and specifically the main character.
They were reactions you’d expect from people when it came to vampires and there was a lot of distaste shown towards them so even though the vampires appeared to be simplistic, they had more depth to them because of the other characters.
Mind you this was only in the beginning. As the story progressed you learnt more of the vampire nature. Not exactly an in depth knowledge was shared, but you got an idea.
So the part of me that mainly wants to like this novel more than I do is because I loved the portrayal of the vampires. I’m a vampire person and I like my vampires to have less humanity than a lot of authors or better yet ‘creators’ (seeing as I don’t just like vampires in literature but in movies as well) give them. Think about it, you have a creature who can pass as something looking human, but supposedly these creatures don’t move in the human world anymore so why should they act it, if only to fit in?
At the same time I’m a Lestat fan because I like vampires with morals. It makes them interesting seeing as their primal, animalistic instincts clash with what humanity they possess. Mainly in stories like those it’s more a question of morality and ethics then down right ‘hey lets write about vampires for the sake of it.’
Probably why it makes it more interesting for me.
Moving along because I could waffle on about vampires all day if given half the chance…
The other thing I enjoyed about Sunshine is the reactions of the characters during the story. It’s the reactions one would expect from people going through certain events. It made it seem more believable rather than in stories where something unbelievable or traumatic occurs and those characters get over it or accept it like it’s the done thing very quickly.
The things I didn’t like about Sunshine, and is one of the things that really frustrates me with novels is the fluidity.
Sure I had a hard time putting it down, but that doesn’t mean it flowed. Quite the opposite I found. It felt far too disjointed to flow at all which is a shame because then I would have been able to love it not just like it.
I don’t think there was enough detail to connect the scenarios or to make perfect sense at times. Perhaps it was just me, but I liken it to a road with potholes every now and then. It was holey. Like something was missing to connect it in a smooth line, but I guess it can’t be all perfect can it?
I really just recommend it for the vampires or the vampire because even though it just touched on the vampires it was enough to give you a rather good mental image of some vampirish nature and that’s what I like. None of this sex with vampires…

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