Stephenie Meyer’s Novella

I was going to post a review of Infected by Scott Sigler, but I’m so flustered today that I thought I’d share the news going around the traps (in case you haven’t seen it yet).
Stephenie Meyer is publishing a novella that is a spin off from her book Eclipse. It’s based on Bree Tanner’s story (if you’re a fan you’ll most probably remember Bree Tanner and if you’re new to it or not a fan she was one of the newborns) and Meyer will be making it available online to read from the 7th of June to the 5th of July (for free) and the novella itself will be released in book format on June the 5th.

Also a dollar from each purchase goes to The Red Cross, but rather then me going on about it you can read up more about the announcement on Meyer’s website.

4 thoughts on “Stephenie Meyer’s Novella

  1. Only found out about it when I was reading the SMH at lunch time. I can’t read online… If it is a shorter PDF I may print it, otherwise i will have to try and buy it online I guess. I don’t really like buying from international sites. Do you know if Amazon’s OS postage is affordable?


    • I don’t use Amazon, but I hear from others it’s pretty good with posting if you’re willing to wait a month. I think it’s less then 10 bucks an item? If you end up buying from Amazon would you mind getting one for me too if I give you the mula? I have a thing against using Amazon (I told you that story didn’t I?).


  2. I got the email about it earlier and then one from SMH so I figured I might as well while I’m waiting around for stuff.

    I’m tempted to buy it. You know, collector and all. Plus I can’t read stories on the computer. Besides I like the cover intended for it.

    What about you? What are you planning to do?


  3. You beat me to it! LOL thanks for clarifying the freeness! I read a news article and was planning to research it more tonight (too busy at work and missed my lunchbreak).

    Are you going to download or buy?

    oh wow, your blog looks so different!


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