Quiet, Predictable Vampires, and Gross Stories.

I have been quiet. I also haven’t been reading. I made a start with Let The Right One in by John Ajvide Lindqvist which was promising, but in the first 20 minutes it gives you an idea for where the story is going to go and then doesn’t really give you anything to hold onto and create intrigue.

There’s also the added bonus of not finishing sentences. It’s a pet hate of mine when people don’t get to finish their sentences or to tell what they wanted in real life so I like to avoid it in my modes of escapism. I realise that people getting cut off in mid sentence is going to happen on occasion, but not all the time.

There was a lot of times during dialogue where the people speaking never finished their sentence. They weren’t just being cut off either from something urgent. They just didn’t finish their sentences. And then there were other times when sentences didn’t match. I don’t know if that was intentional or because of something lost in translation, but it was very annoying. It also didn’t help that characters seemed to have a start stop start rhythm going with their dialogue.

It was enough to drive me mental, but I pushed on for awhile because I wanted to see if it would go anywhere. Eventually I gave up around the 200 page mark. I wasn’t feeling anything for the characters, the vampire aspect of it didn’t intrigue me enough, and the predictability put me to sleep.

However it has been made into two movies (one Swedish and one English which is due for release this year) and I am considering watching both films because I’m still interested to see what  happens. I’m just not interested in reading it.

After I put that down I decided to take a break because I seem to be having a worse year for books compared to recent years. Several books I have tried haven’t turned out well at all. So feeling a little dejected I went and played some video games instead.

I’ve finished with them for the time being so now I’m reading Infected by Scott Sigler which I’m having far more luck with. I’m up to a part that I don’t know if I can read because of what it is. It’s like you can see it coming, but can’t believe it, and have to keep going to see if it happens. This is why I’m blogging because it’s grossing me out. A person who laughs when people freak out at movies and finds it awesome when people get sliced and diced in films and games… Doesn’t make sense does it?

Before I finish up with this post – I’m going to be changing some of the pages and also adding a ‘shit list’ for books I will never finish or got pissed off with. Mainly for myself to keep track of, but also for something new.

Back to reading.

P.S. What do you think of the new look?

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