Fun Fridays: A Twist On Pop Up Books

I was browsing google pictures and found these babies. They’re connected to Anagram Bookshop as their ad and I think they’re pretty excellent advertisement.

Pop out books eat your heart out.

2 thoughts on “Fun Fridays: A Twist On Pop Up Books

  1. Damn you! How did I miss this one? I just was searching for pictures of books, and stumbled over this… arent the popups pretty! I have the kraken one already. I was going to make a pop up book post, but I guess I will have to give it anohter year or so until it doesn’t look like I am copying my best friend LOL

    I did come across one blog that showed you how to make these…


    • I love the pop ups. I want more pop ups and the Kraken one is my favourite.

      lol great minds think alike. You could do a post on them anyway. At least you don’t have to wait a whole year. That post was back in March.

      Oh do share! I want to know, but it’s destroying books by doing it isn’t it?


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