Old School Thursdays: Alien Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘n’ Roll

An old review from my old blog which I believe I wrote in late 2008 or possibly early 2009.

Aliens mating with Earthlings? It’s true. Now three of their other-worldly offspring have stolen a spaceship and are zooming toward Earth in search of – what else? – sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Parking their saucer in Sydney, Australia, they shapeshift into luscious earthgirl form.

When the alien who calls herself Baby abducts Jake (the commitment-phobic young dude from Jaivin’s “Eat Me”) and straps him into the saucer’s sexual experimentation chamber, the global warming begins. The Babes form a band and skyrocket to rock ‘n’ roll stardom.

But trouble’s on its way in the small gray shape of Captain Qwerk, who has set out to recapture them, with the U.S. military and Eros, the excitable asteroid, right behind. The Babes are preparing for the biggest concert in interplanetary history, but they just might have to save the world at the same time.

Knowing Linda Jaivin wrote erotica (Eat Me) and that this book has aliens I was expecting something out there. Well my expectations were met and then exceeded!

From the first page I was hooked and by the sixth I was laughing my head off. Rock ‘n’ Roll Babes was refreshing. I’m so used to reading novels based in America or Europe and not using Aussie slang because they are either by American/European authors or they are Aussie’s trying to fit into that market. R&R was refreshing in that it is based in Sydney and is jam packed full of Aussie slang, Aussie place names, bands, and a language that I completely was at ease with. A language that involved a lot of swearing. Lets face it, I’m a gutter mouth at times and this book was right up my little dirty alley.

It’s not erotica, although it is permeated with sexual innuendo, sexual situations and it starts off with “sexual experimentation”, but it actually turns out to be a novel about 90’s sub culture more then anything else, just with aliens. And if you, like me, loved the 90’s and lived in the alternative music scene then you’ll understand it’s completely natural for it to have a lot of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

I love how this novel doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s so fast paced and addictive. Jaivin doesn’t seem to be afraid or conform which is probably why within the first ten pages I decided I had to read her other books. To me it’s really no wonder that I’m hooked being a 90’s chick (spent most of my teens in the 90’s) and being into all the things mentioned in the novel (from grunge music to the X-Files) does help, but Jaivin has a way with words that makes the story fast pop and speed along.

If you want a laugh or if you are an Aussie and want something Aussie based filled with lots of slang you can relate to and feel at home with then I highly recommend it. Rock ‘n’ Roll Babes From Outer Space is excellent.

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