Reading – The Thinking Person’s Addiction

I went shopping yesterday. Not with the intention of buying books, but with the intention of buying clothes. Naturally I went to the book store and bought several books. Again. One of which I have been looking forward to reading. It’s by an Australian author and I’ll be adding it to the Aussie Author Challenge (check my planned reading page).

I hadn’t quite started the book I was planning on reading (too busy playing video games) so when I woke up this morning and thought I’d read a few pages or at least a chapter I ditched that book for later and picked up this new one.

I think more people should read. Or at least people with addictions, addictive personalities, or just people who want to escape and shut out the world because I finally put the book down to take a breather and half the day has already gone. I haven’t even noticed. Sure, I don’t have conventional obligations like society deems suitable, but I still have things to do. I still have obligations for what I believe are important tasks or for people I feel matter, but there are times when I feel like shutting it all out and reading is my perfect means of oblivion without permanent damage like drinking or taking drugs.

I’ve been thinking about this, this morning, because when I finally stopped reading I looked around myself and was very amused. As I mentioned I went shopping yesterday and rather then put everything away I’ve left the bags out and a couple of clothes strewn across the floor. My bathroom isn’t too bad (I have an en suite) because I had the presence of mind to put the typical girly stuff away before I went to bed (like my hair straightener).

The place isn’t a complete pig sty, but for someone who has everything in it’s place most of the time and at least tidy it’s rather messy. It’s also just after midday – I’m still wearing what I’ve worn to bed, my hair is in a mess, I’ve forgotten about all the things I set out to do this morning, and I have that dopey “What’s going on?” look.

I don’t need designer drugs or to kill my liver. I can just read…

P.S. While typing this up I have had the book sitting in my lap and trying very hard not to ignore this post and start reading just a few more pages in between sentences… Just a few more…. A couple of pages wouldn’t hurt would it?

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