In My Mailbox: Requiem and Forgotten

This post may be a tad excessive seeing as I have already posted today (I try not to post more then once a day. I try not to post every day as I think that is a bit excessive for me too), but I’m excited so decided to post anyway and schedule it for later today.

I’m so elated right now. After finishing The Time Traveler’s Wife I received the most recent special edition of Heavy Metal’s adult fantasy mag (it’s the mythical edition I was so hanging out for) and then I thought I’d have some me time and straighten my hair before doing a few quests on Oblivion (I’m playing the Shivering Isles expansion pack which is very entertaining).

I got to straighten my hair and then the buzzer went and it was the postie with a package. I couldn’t figure out what on Mother Earth it was. Yes I have been making quite a few purchases lately, but the most recent purchases either haven’t been posted yet because the weekend hasn’t passed or they’re the ones from America which I expect to take some time.

That led to me being pleasantly surprised! Heavy Metal showcased this graphic novel called Requiem Resurrection by Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit some time ago and I bought the first volume and have been hanging out for the second one. A couple of HM issues ago there was an add announcing volume two will be out in March so I pre-ordered it and in the meantime bought Forgotten by Cris Ortega who is a Spanish Artist and I recently discovered has some lovely work (sort of it reminds me of Victoria Frances, but different).

Seeing as HM is in a different country and from experience, I was expecting those to arrive in late March or early April at the earliest, but they were in the mail today!

Woo! I’ve been so hanging for Requiem that I’m going to put The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying aside and re-read volume one and then two in a row.

Anyway, enough of me waffling, I’ll be posting about these beauties when I’ve read them, but for now you can have the websites and pictures.

The artwork of Olivier Ledroit

More about Pat Mills and his work on Wiki

The artwork of Cris Ortega

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