The Hold It

There’s a lot of bookish related accessories out there these days. Some really practical and others are just plain quirky (but still fun) so I decided that every few Mondays (basically when I can post) I’ll post something about one of these quirky or practical reading or writing related pieces of merchandise.

Starting with the Hold It…

It probably doesn’t really look related to reading. To me it doesn’t. To me it looks like something you’d find amongst medical equipment near a sick bed, but they forgot to put it together (I think I’ve spent too much time in hospitals).

What it actually is, is a book/notepad/lap top holder so you can not only read, write, or use your lap top, but you can also swivel it around to different angles and do all of the above while sitting, standing, or while lying down.

I personally think this is brilliant because I am bed bound a lot of the time, I use my lap top a lot, I write, and I read. I’m practically drooling except it is over 200 pounds  so not something I would buy on the spur of the moment, but you can bet I’ve got it on my mental want list now…

It has a whole lot of features too.

  • Accommodates books weighing up to 4 kilos (8 pounds), more than twice as much as any competitor product.
  • Page holders keep the page in place
  • Can read at any angle
  • Can turn the page with just one hand
  • Glare resistant tray for holding books
  • Can use any size of laptop in ergonomically approved position
  • Tray will accommodate writing on A4/foolscap sheets, also at ergonomically approved position easy to use telescopic pole to adjust height up to 140 cms
  • Weighs 20 kgs / 44 pounds (including attractive, sturdy steel base on wheels)
  • Arm reaches 60 cms / 24 inches outwards
  • Approved by medical professionals for improving posture, and helping with painful necks, backs and hands
  • Useful in bed, sofa, armchair, standing, in a wheelchair, by the desk, on a treadmill, cookery books in the kitchen, reading music, outdoors on a recliner or swing
  • Each unit comes in an attractive and sturdy carry case with handle

If you want to know more about it you can check it out here at Thinking Gifts. They have some other interesting gifts, both bookish related and none bookish related.

I’m going to go mentally think about where I could fit that…

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