Could Not Have Said It Better Myself

At the risk of being abused by twi-hards, this is a post I found in my feed reader and it’s something I’ve been trying to tell people on occasion when I discuss Twilight with them. It’s an article that is well written and explains the problem with Twilight so I felt I had to share it. And even though the writer of this article has not read the series, I have and I completely agree.

Dark Warning About Twilight by Duncan Lay

It’s both a love story celebrated by millions and an account of a textbook abusive relationship, a light-hearted fantasy aimed at teens and tweens but a tale with disturbing messages about sex.

Welcome to Twilight.

The best-selling book series and now blockbuster movies have captured imaginations and inspired devotion among fans across the world.

Twilight also has many lining up to attack it, with accusations of everything from bad writing to betraying the vampire genre to Mormon brainwashing.

But leaving aside the mud-slinging, the literary world and schools are warning parents not to simply go along with the marketing hype and peer pressure, but to first understand exactly what it is their children are reading.

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