I was trying to catch up on all the websites and blogs I’ve subscribed to this morning and came across one about a website to help you find a book to read.


Unlike a lot of other ways to find books to read on the net or off it, this one helps you find a book based on what you’re feeling at the time or emotion in general.

You can fine tune four different emotion sets such as Happy-Sad, Gentle-Violent, Beautiful-Disgusting, Sex-No Sex, or even if it’s short or long. Then you select go and there will be a list of books based on whatever you’ve chosen.

You can also find books based on the Plot, Character (including race, age, sexual orientation, and gender), or Setting.

Seems it has quite a few bases covered which is great and I’ve been testing it out and gotten several choices except for when I went with the character selection, but really that’s my own fault seeing as I selected female, bisexual, and non human.

I’m pretty sure it’s hard to find literature that includes female bisexual aliens that is serious literature and not porn.

2 thoughts on “Whichbook.net

    • Hi Lloyd.

      I was just looking at your reading list for 2015. Nice mix and great titles you got through.
      Would you be happy to do a snippet, or copy past half of it, and then do a read more back to the post?


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